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Have questions? We have answers! We’ve put together a list of some of the questions our parents frequently ask. For more information, we recommend you refer to the student handbook, located in the Quick Links sidebar on the Home page.

Can I visit my child’s classroom?

Lack of space prohibits the presence of visitors in the classrooms, study halls, and corridors. All visitors must report to the principal’s office for a visitor’s pass before seeing a faculty member. To respect each teacher’s instructional time, we ask that you contact your child’s teacher to set up an appointment in advance.

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My child needs to be absent for an appointment. What should I do?

There is no substitute for valuable instructional time. We ask that you make every effort to schedule appointments during school breaks and before or after school. We know that this isn’t always possible, so in the event that your child must miss school, please contact the office by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence to excuse your child.

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What is the Lafayette Middle School dress code?

Students should dress in a way that show respect for themselves, others, and the educational process. In order to maintain an environment that is conducive to learning, we have set forth some guidelines:

  • Shorts/skirts/dresses must be no shorter than three inches above the kneecap.

  • Clothing should have no holes.

  • Hairstyles should be neat, clean, and well-groomed. We do not permit hairstyles that disrupt the educational process.

  • We do not permit visible body piercings in areas other than the ears.

  • We do not permit tank tops, halters, tops with spaghetti straps, or tops that expose the midriff with hands raised above the head.

  • We do not allow hats, caps, toboggans, head scarves, bandanas, wrist bands, sweat bands, hairnets, shower caps, stocking caps, or do rags on campus or in the building.

  • Students may not wear clothing with suggestive, vulgar, indecent, or disruptive slogans/pictures, nor do we allow clothing that advertises alcoholic products or drugs.

We reserve the right to determine whether a student’s clothing is appropriate for school. For more details regarding our dress code, please review the student handbook.

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Will my child use a computer while at school?

We do have computers that students use both in the classroom and in our computer labs. All students must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file before using the computer. First period teachers will distribute this and keep the signed copy on file.

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